rules for pendos

First of all, the chat room was created for communication between users of the forum, respect yourself and other people.

11.1 - Technical questions are asked in the threads only. If you need help, create a topic in the designated section.

11.2 - It is forbidden to leave aggressive or abusive language in posts in relation to other users. As well as any offensive or aggressive language with a hidden meaning.

11.3 - Advertising in chat is forbidden. If you are interested in advertising - you can discuss it with the administration of the forum.

11.4 It is forbidden to ask for reactions in chat from users. How to earn reactions you can read here: FAQ

11.5 Forbidden to discuss and mention in chat the following topics: Nazism, drugs, child pornography, suicide.

11.6 Flooding/spamming is forbidden.

11.7 De-anon of users in any form is forbidden.

11.8 Discussion of politics in chat is forbidden.