Take one minute before a deal
Before the transaction, verify the user's contacts, copy the username from the messenger and check with what is specified in the profile.
Note that d4ssh is blocked. If you are planning a deal with his participation, we strongly recommend that you do not make it until the end of the block. If the user has already deceived you in any way, please contact our arbitration office so that we can resolve the issue as soon as possible.
Подробнее о блокировке

Banned by: GLadiator
Ban started: Oct 24, 2023
Ban ends: Never
Reason for the ban: 2.1. https://brokencore.club/threads/41991/
Automatically triggered: No
Last warn by: Justin1337
Warn reason: 4.4. Запрещено размещение темы в несоответствующий раздел.
Warn ends: Never

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